In this message, Sornia shares with us the channeling process. It is a delicate process of Sornia, the medium, and us (those who receive these messages) to be in alignment. It is three factions aligning as we are all connected.

Sornia also explains more about energy and how our frequency and vibration radiate into the universe without decreasing intensity. When we are in a state of distress, that vibration contributes to the All and is lovingly transmuted and healed when it meets with the Christ Consciousness energy.

We are in a transitional period, and many are awakening to their intuitive senses. There are many different facets to the intuitive sense, and it takes time to understand it in human form. We have chosen to be conduits for that divine light and love to come through us, and Sornia shares that we want to be aware of the intuitive energies and to be open and receptive to it. Some have an underlying fear of opening up to this intuitive sense, but there is so much more waiting for us to embrace and bring forward by opening up and trusting this intuitive sense, which is our true nature. Our hearts and mind are aligning in a beautiful way.

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