In this message, Sornia shares that we have assisted in activating many in our communities to the possibility that there is more to what they are experiencing than meets the eye. These individuals are beginning to connect in deeper and more meaningful ways with their sovereignty, with their own Christ Consciousness within themselves in beautiful ways.

We are also at a time where we are feeling a tug – one moment feeling centeredness and joy and then out of the blue something will occur that will cause us to feel quite the opposite. There is a tug of war going on within the emotional body because the emotional body wants to move past its own limitations and in order to do that, understanding must be part of the experience. This is the time where we will be going through a process of “dying to the self” and as we go through this and choose to understand it and die to the self, we will gain greater footing in our future experiences, that higher vibration. We will also become more compassionate, caring, and able to find solutions for those individuals who we encounter that have not had this experience. We can take them under our wings and assist them.

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