In this message, Sornia shares that there has been such growth and expansion going on within individuals and individuals that are connected to each other. Many are speaking their truth with kindness, compassion, and generosity. We still have our dark days, but we are managing them with greater skill, more compassion, more understanding, and feeling more confident in addressing them at an emotional level. We are arriving at that point of mastery.

Sornia reveals that the work we are all doing together has resulted in the other dimensional realities that surround Earth being “cleaned up” in a sense from the darkness. So, the realm in which “Sornia” resides is cleaned up and at a higher vibration, and we, too, are now at a higher vibration.

Sornia shares that what they believe will happen is that the continual exposure of light being shown into the darkness will become more defined in the coming months. The beautiful Christ Conscious energy is permeating everything on our planet, and what is happening is that the dark, or what is not of truth, will become magnified. It is an important time for us to continue to shine the light and hold the light for others. We are needed to be on stage to assist others with compassion and patience. This is what we signed up for and why we are here.

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