In this message, Sornia shares that they are experiencing life’s journey, in particular at this time, through our eyes, our physical form, and our perspective.

We are at a turning point. Those that were on the cusp of waking up have stopped due to the manipulation of the dark. Many, but not all that are connected to Sornia, have volunteered to assist in gathering information and will be experiencing their third-dimensional experiences as a human very deeply over the coming weeks/months. (It has already started). Those who have signed up for this will experience what it means to be fully human in a very concentrated form. Some of the experiences we may be having will be a sense of disconnection from our true self, that eternal self. Some may feel a disconnection from source energy, from God, creator. Some may feel lost, abandoned, and desolate. It has to be this way.

Sornia asks us to be patient with this time. We are always safe and always connected to them and to source, God, creator. We are all in this together. Stay focused on bringing good forward no matter what, and we will get through this coming time with greater grace and dignity.

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