In this message, Sornia shares that they have received feedback from those of us who have volunteered to feel our “humanness” and our “disconnection” in order to understand how the dark is keeping those individuals who were on the cusp of “waking up” from not waking up.

From this information, Sornia shares that the dark is using a subtle form of manipulation that comes in as vibration and frequency that is a match to vibration and frequency within that are carried by the solar plexus and the heart, in particular a heart that has been broken by carrying the sorrows that have yet to be experienced and yet to be forgiven.

Understanding the heart center and solar plexus center are very important for us to understand, so we can then become that frequency and vibration of forgiveness. Sornia encourages us to ask for guidance, and they will guide us so we can understand and feel the energy of true forgiveness.

Sornia is excited about the information we are sending back to them. They encourage us to be brave and courageous and to move forward doing what’s right, and that is loving ourselves.

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