In this message, Sornia comes forward to talk about discernment. The ability we have to discern through our own filters of our own wisdom of knowing who we really are will be very, very important in the upcoming times. Sornia shares that they cannot have a valuable exchange with us if we are experiencing the events that are going on in our world through the filter of fear. Sornia reminds us that when things are occurring, and we are receiving information that is upsetting and feels threatening to take some deep breaths and make sure to feel that true connection to Source, God, Creator.

As more is being revealed and darkness is being exposed, it is very important to manage any fear about the experiences or events taking place. We have the ability to use discernment and ask to be shown, “What more can I know about this situation?” There is more that is going on below the surface and it is something that has to be understood by going through the experience and using discernment is key.

Sornia reminds us to continue to take of ourselves and keep cultivating and nurturing those relationships that are close to us as they ground us better into that wonderful, beautiful energy of love.

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