In this message, Sornia shares that we have been going through a time period where many have been feeling a disconnect – a disconnection from Source, God, Creator.
Many are dealing with some very difficult health, physical body expressions, psychological, emotional and much more.

We have been going through a time where the dark has become more prolific and blatant. Many have been feeling this disconnection from Source because the dark has been opening up portals bringing in more darkness through recent public events where many millions are in attendance. Sornia shares that even observing these events makes us a participant to this demonic energy and they highly recommend taking a break from mainstream media and music that have a dark message attached.

Sornia reminds us to have faith in ourselves and to take the time to sit with our own energy system and the beauty of it. They are working with us, and we are working with them. There’s seriously nothing to fear here. We cannot ever be separated from God, Source, Creator. It is only an appearance, an illusion.

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