In this message, Sornia shares that some of that disconnection we have been feeling should start to dissipate a little bit and that connection to God, Source, Creator is not as blocked through our efforts.

More of what you might call the ugliness, the darkness, or the things that we never would have expected 10 years ago to be exposed in public in a very casual way, the extremes and seeing them for not just forms of art or a few demented individuals, but seeing how that force has taken control of much of our planet. As we’re doing that we may be questioning what is our truth? Where is the anchor that we have to the truth of the eternal? It’s time now that we embrace the truth in all of its forms.

The heart and solar plexus areas that have been manipulated and controlled are starting to open up. Our discernment has developed to a high degree, and we will need to use our discernment to really know if what we are listening to is of truth.

Now is the time to use our power of knowledge and wisdom that we have stored up in our soul and expand our light out even more.

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