In this message, Sornia shares that we are at the beginning of a strong and powerful phase of our existence. We are entering a time of strong energies of opposition, and we may see individuals that have not been true to themselves and knowingly living a lie struggle with the repercussions of this coming time more drastically and strongly than those individuals living their truth and those trying to understand the truth of who they really are.

Sornia reminds us to continue to shine our light out through our actions, our deeds, and our thoughts, as this will guide us through this coming phase. Sornia suggests that we remember to see everything as “experience” and to not judge anything. Looking at people and events as “good” or “bad” is very much a human construct that has been engrained and passed down throughout the generations. Transcending that very state of being is part of what will accompany us in this phase that we are in.

This next level of awakening is opening up the doorway to understanding the human condition from the perspective of those who ride the fence or those individuals who have been living a lie and knowingly living a lie and that being exposed. We are transcending the limitation of the human form. Nonjudgement is the key to getting through this process. When we are able to step back and be the observers and wait to be shown the truth behind something, then we have that power and ability to use discernment in our everyday lives, and this is what we teach others.

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