In this message, Sornia discusses the mind and emotion connection. From the experiences we have shared with them, they see that the “mind, “our own mind in human form, is easily manipulated. The emotional body is too, and in the upcoming time period, we will be focusing on how the mind and emotional state work together.

Another area of importance is sleep. Sleep is very important for us in that it disconnects us from the conscious mind and allows the brain, which is in the theta state, to become more receptive to other information that cannot be received when we are in an awake, conscious state. In this upcoming phase, it is important for us to understand ourselves in human form and how the physical and spiritual in integrated. This information, when sent back to Sornia, will assist them with transcending and moving through what is a block for us to our “feeling” our connection to source, feeling our natural state as an eternal being.

In addition, Sornia shares that as we are raising our consciousness and moving towards that 5th-dimensional reality, one of the biggest blocks for humanity is the fear of death. Fear of the unknown. At this time, this fear is amplified; even if we are not aware of it, our body and spirit are looking to release that energy, and when we are able to release that energy and transmute it into love, we are removing one of the biggest blocks that we have to our own ascension.

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