In this message, Sornia shares that we have been sending them clearer communication through our experiences as we have learned to distance ourselves from our human experiences in our minds and hearts but still have the experience with all of its detail and all of the emotions. We have been experiencing the 3rd-dimensional reality more from the perspective of an evolved being having a human experience rather than being so entrenched in emotion.

Sornia shares that not only are we being manipulated in the 3rd-dimensional reality, but aspects of us that are vibrating in other dimensional realities that are tied to Earth are also being influenced by these forces that have come to trap humanity, and these are the levels of the subconscious that go very deep.

Sornia explains before we incarnated on earth, we put ideas into the spiritual realm of non-form for us to then access as we came into physical form. So everything that we desire does reside in the nonphysical, in the spirit realm – everything – and we have access to it all, but the key components of it have been blocked from us and our understanding. Many are going through some difficult human experiences right now, but they are leading us to understand what that key is or keys to unlocking the understanding of what our birthright is, basically as a soul in understanding how creation works. We understand it outside of human form, but we are looking to break the barriers that have been created by the dark that has led much of humanity astray.

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