In this message, Sornia shares that the focus right now in this time frame that we are having as a human being on Earth is the evolution, the growth, the deepening of the solar plexus and the heart center and how they are connected with the energy centers outside of the physical form.

The heart in human form is connected to the core of Mother Earth. We are seeking to strengthen our knowledge, understanding, feeling, and knowing of that connection between our heart center and that of Mother Earth because they are tied in energetically. Sornia encourages us to “feel” the joy, “feel” the love and move out of using words to describe the feeling because we are moving into a world that is communicating strictly telepathically, and words will become almost secondary.

Sornia also shares that the solar plexus is very important, and this chakra is connected directly to the sun’s energy, which radiates out life force. The solar plexus is our seat of power and is in need of being cleansed because it is out of balance. In this message, Sornia shares examples of how to feel our connection and empower our sovereignty that comes from the sun through the solar plexus. This is our key to freedom.

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