In this message, Sornia shares with us that the importance of this time is the mastery of understanding our emotions. Many of us are feeling the weight of heavier energies that are sweeping through, but they are not permanent. These waves will continue for the next few months, and we will go between feeling confident in our journey and then feeling the heaviness of the emotions. Sornia encourages us to find balance as we go through the upcoming months.

The emotional body is the focus at this time, and our emotions are so strong that many of us are run by our emotions rather than having the emotions be an indicator of what we need to know about our journey. Our emotions are “running the show,” so to speak. When we are blindly led by our emotions, our thoughts are then created from this emotional base, and we live life randomly.

Sornia encourages us to listen to the previous session on the solar plexus and heart evolution, as this will help us to find balance within our own energy system.

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