In this message, Sornia comes through with such delight and excitement to share that they have been receiving from us joy and optimism, and it’s coming from our group and others across the planet as a soft, gentle, and joyful feel. So many are feeling the pleasure at the discovery of just “being who you are,” and this is coming through the feeling body and during quiet times.

Even though we are all dealing with complex human emotions and situations in our daily life, we are not letting it define us, and so many of us are finding relief and a sense of freedom, recognizing that this is just an experience we are having, and it is not forever. It does not define us.

The animals and creatures on the planet are also shifting and radiating out the same frequency and vibration that we are from that place of joy and connection to source. In the coming months, we will understand the communication from the world of nature in a much clearer sense.

Enjoy this time. Be in a place of gratitude and know that change is underway and we are going to see changes in more marked ways, and we can smile knowing that we were part of bringing this all about.

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