In this message, Sornia talks about manifestation and how we understand that there is a type of formula to bring the invisible to the visible or solid form here on earth. We see that there is a missing piece to this formula. It’s not that there is a missing piece so much as we have been blocked and our energy systems hijacked by the dark, which is keeping us from accessing this information.

So, we have been working with opening up the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra, and Sornia shares that through our ability to love one another in the universal sense, we have used our willpower, strength, and dedication to self to penetrate through that darkness with the energy of love and we have opened up our heart chakra. We have not been able to penetrate entirely through the layers of thickness of the solar plexus, but we are working on it. Now, we are moving into working on the sacral chakra, which is so connected to the creative life force and is also the seat of creativity.

We will be going through each of the energy centers of the human form. We will be expressing our own unique divinity in fullness and completeness 100 percent, and that is heaven on earth. This is the ascension that allows us to be that higher vibration that we really are in human form.

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