In this message, Sornia shares more information on the heart chakra and a bit of history about our chakra system since mankind’s early incarnations on Earth.

The human form was designed with the 7 major chakra centers (and other chakras), and this has been part of our existence since the creation of man. Before the hijacking of our energy systems by the dark, our forefathers navigated their lives on earth, living through the heart center. During this time, all the chakras were wide open and working in a fluid way. They were able to gain information that was beneficial for their survival and thrived in an environment on planet Earth. They also had communication with the higher realms and were connected to their spirit guides in ways that were more apparent.

We are working on cleansing these energy centers and allowing for truth to come through all of our energy centers because that’s ultimately the goal, and when we do this, we will be able to access information that may seem unattainable to us. We will be able to feel our connection to all that is. We will be able to know when our spirit guides are with us in more noticeable ways, and we will be able to understand source, God, and creator, and we will know it fully and deeply with the essence of who we are both as an eternal being and as a human being.

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