In this message, Sornia reminds us that everything we have doing in the past six months has increased the volume and frequency of our connection to them and to source. Our connection to source has always been there, but our knowing of source, how we feel it, sense it, and understand how it manifests in our world, has increased. There is nothing we need to do to raise our consciousness because it is already risen. What we are doing and will continue to do is to dissolve, eradicate, and transmute those energies, those blockages, to knowing this in human form. We are evolving our ability to transcend the barriers and limitations that have been placed in the human physical form.

Sornia also shares that many are dealing with physical symptoms and physical expressions of limitation, and many may wonder why? Those who are experiencing this have signed up to experience and understand the energy emotion, and the physical energy of disease and to understand the illusion that is disease.

We have really opened up our heart chakra, and our solar plexus chakra is opening up even more. When we speak our truth, that reinforces the energy that the solar plexus needs to open up and flower in the way it needs to. We are also working with the sacral chakra, and this is a more powerful chakra at this time in terms of it being blocked because it’s a source of creativity and creation.

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