In this message, Sornia has decided an important next step for all of us who are part of “Sornia” is for them to work more closely with us on an individual basis. They feel that by doing this we will develop a stronger understanding of who they are as Sornia. We will understand ourselves better as who we are as Sornia because if you are receiving these messages, we are part of this and what that personal relationship is, call it a mentor, they are our guides and Sornia feels that this step here will benefit us and will benefit in helping all of humanity.

With their permission they are offering this opportunity that each of us reach out from our heart to them and ask to be familiarized or introduced to who our mentor is so that we know what that light being feels like. We will understand this light being is a partner and we are equal to this light being in experience and understanding. This is a great opportunity to continue to deepen our knowledge and understanding of who we are as an eternal beings.

Another important aspect for us is to continue to understand our own energy system. In working with the sacral chakra, we will benefit in greater ways when we are able to have that one-on-one because as we are doing the deepening of our understanding of the sacral chakra there are many mysteries held there in that part of our physical being, that’s also our spiritual being. There are so many mysteries held there that is the key to gaining access to an understanding of higher levels of consciousness.

Sornia also shares that this is an awakening that goes beyond just our human experience. Each layer or level of existence which goes out very far is experiencing an awakening. There’s no way that we can comprehend it with our human mind but it is vast and each level or degree of existence that is beyond, these dimensions or realities or realms, is awakening.

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