In this message, Sornia shares information on the worldwide effects we are currently experiencing. Many have noticed certain anomalies, glitches in the matrix, or the Mandela effect and wonder what is going on. These shifts that are occurring are not natural.

What is occurring is those individuals that are using the dark energies to keep humanity entrapped and under control have created various machines that have altered the perception of reality and our understanding of time. These devices are capable of mind control and manipulating emotional control.

So, what is happening is that our timelines or parallel existences are being manipulated by these outside forces and their devices and it is creating an automatic tsunami of timeline shifts. So, in a 24 hour period, we may be experiencing 3, 4, 5 different timeline shifts and it will be a subtle shift that manifests in many different ways. Keeping our awareness in the highest vibration and frequency possible and asking to be shown truth will bring clarity of vision and we will come through this with the ultimate knowledge of what we have learned and what we are doing to free all of humanity.

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