In this message, Sornia shares that through their vision they are seeing our bright light, the essence of who we are really radiating out from the core of the physical form into our communities, into the world we are living in, and touching lives in deep and meaningful ways.
The essence of who we are, that eternal self, is much greater, much more radiant and expansive than at any other time in our existence. More of the truth of who we really are is coming through the physical form.

Many at this time are caught up in situations that are causing limitations. These may be physical limitations, financial limitations, or emotional limitations that are keeping us entrapped. We are going through a process of burning through the limitations in human form. We don’t need to do anything except to hold ourselves in that place and be of unconditional love and acceptance for everything, including the limitation(s). As we hold ourselves in that loving place, we are holding open energetically the flow of energy from Source, God, Creator to move through us and this transforms the limitation into love.

We are love. We are an expression of the divine and this process is what is allowing us to permanently dissolve, burn through the limitation(s) from our existence from the physical form. We have to go through the experience and carry that energy through our physical form in some way that will allow us to love it and care for it so that it can be dissolved – so it can become love.

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