In this message, Sornia shares that we have been very busy in our sleep state, and many are experiencing changes in sleep patterns. If we feel the need to sleep, we should allow ourselves the time to do so because we are wanting to go into these deeper levels of consciousness to gain knowledge and the information we are seeking to gain through our interactions with Sornia. Over the next several weeks, month(s) we have this time to connect with Sornia in deeper and more meaningful ways, receiving more guidance and support.

We are continuing to free ourselves from limiting emotional beliefs, along with cleansing our chakras in particular the root and sacral chakra. Sornia reminds us to go through this time period with delicacy and respect for ourselves as we are learning new tools and to remember that what we are experiencing is just an experience, to look at it as the witness and not let take it on or let it define us. We are learning this so others can learn from our example by our own behavior.

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