In this message, Sornia discusses Oneness and how many of us still function from, operate from, and act from a place of individual and feeling separate from others. Sornia poses the question to us, “How much do you really feel a part of everything and everything is a part of you? What does it mean to feel like every action, every thought, every word, everything that we do has a ripple effect and touches everyone and everything in every corner of every existence in every realm?” Everything is deeply connected and none of us exist as a solitary individual being. It is impossible.

The door is opened, and we have crossed over another threshold of the Ascension process. We along with others on the planet that are in agreement are embarking on this, but many others are going to follow, and it is going to be a beautiful wave of freedom. During this time, we may start to feel sorrow, at a loss of what was or what could have been. There will be a loss of identity we will feel, and a feeling of loss will permeate the planet on a global and cosmic scale. Sornia encourages us to be there for those who are grieving. We can comfort them by holding the truth for them from our perspective.

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