In this message, Sornia shares many updates, highlights as they refer to, of all that we have been experiencing and sharing with them. The entire planet is at a point where there’s no turning back. We are moving towards a New Earth or the new expansive 5th dimensional reality and this is happening on many levels by us speaking our truth and expressing our own divinity through our thoughts, our actions, and our deeds. Everything we are doing is leading to the freedom for everyone.

There have been major events that have helped to trigger this awakening, but the most powerful are the more quiet, smaller acts of kindness. Managing our thoughts, feelings, and energy system all has a greater effect on awakening others because of Oneness – because we are all connected.

Sornia shares that many of us are feeling discomfort in our physical bodies and this is a necessary process of the physical form shedding itself of the energetic holds of the lower vibrational thoughts, feelings, and energies that are embedded and that are releasing. Taking time to rest, be still, and taking care of ourselves is very important while the physical form is going through these changes to a crystalline state that is aligned with the 5th dimensional existence.

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