In this message, Sornia shares that we have been limiting ourselves more through our five senses which has narrowed the band of what information can come to us and a lot of the information that’s coming from outside of our own internal understanding, our own guidance, much of it is distorted. Much of it is not true and much of it is part of that illusion and therefore what we are receiving we can’t even be sure that it has any value for us.

This is important for us to know because those individuals who are unaware and caught up in the matrix are the ones that we have all volunteered to assist in helping them see who they really are. We need to be mindful and very alert at this time because the individuals that we can plant some seeds, are in need of getting just those words or some idea planted in their essence. We will be planting seeds but differently because we’re in a different place ourself.

Sornia shares that we are never alone. Many of us chose to incarnate into areas in the world where we could be of assistance for others, and many times we find that we feel alone or may not fit into the areas we are living, but we chose this to assist others.

So, this next period of time we may be feeling the intensity of separation and aloneness. More of a separation from others, not a separation from source. Many have been feeling terribly alone and Sornia reminds us to be patient because that unifying force is coming forward in order to bring the energies that would make it more possible that all align with that sense of community that sense of unity and we will begin to feel the force of all of that. That’s the next great event that we are anticipating will be coming and it’s all due to our work.

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