In this message, Sornia shares that we are learning telepathic communication. They encourage us to listen between the words and the pauses in these messages, listening with the heart so we can get the many unspoken messages that are there. Many have been asking to see truth and are seeing it. The next level in recognizing truth and breaking down barriers is to listen with an open heart and use our whole energy system to know truth.

Sornia shares that we are in a holding pattern. Many are leading quieter lives right now, with little movement or change going on. The reason for this is we are each waiting for each other to be aligned in the same way in human form. We are uniting each other through the truth and supporting each other. We have asked to wait on the energies that push us forward to uncover more so that we can all do this together because there is power in numbers and power in unity.

We are working a lot with the sacral chakra and are just beginning to work with the root chakra and balancing it to align with the rest of the chakras. The vibration that we are as souls is coming together, and we understand how important it is to move forward from a state of lack of knowledge to a state of wisdom and do so without fear.

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