In this message, Sornia shares that it is very important that we understand the energy of judgement. If we look at people and situations as being good or bad, or trying to convince others to see things our way, we will be stuck in a loop of consciousness that will not give us the answers we need and the direction for the path we will be following into these higher dimensional realities. We are to move into looking at what we consider cruel, evil, or negative without judgement and be the observer.

Sornia wants us to understand and be very aware of what we are judging, what the feeling of judgment is and pull it all up so we can view it, see and understand the feel of that judgement and make other choices if we want. We are already the divine beings that we think we are becoming but we’re not aware of being those divine beings in totality because of different elements associated in limiting beliefs embedded in the physical form. So, they want us to get down to the most minute feel on this as we can.

This is a time of becoming for all of us. We are gaining mastery over our own experience as an eternal being in human form and as we move forward, we will feel lighter in our physical form. We have been making progress with the Sacral Chakra and many are feeling that creative energy being expressed in various ways. The Root Chakra has a lot of attention now and this is the primary one for the physical form. Sornia recommends taking time throughout the day to ground through the root chakra and they will come forward with a guided meditation for the root chakra in an upcoming session.

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