In this message, Sornia shares that over the next weeks, we will be experiencing strong energies that we (meaning Sornia and us) have created that will “motivate” the awakening. We are going deep into the root chakra. During this time, we have agreed to block ourselves from the wisdom that we have gained up to this point so we can conjure up these deep emotions for them to be understood, cleansed, and loved.

We are living in an environment at a time when there is the expectation of togetherness and joy and gift-giving with the holidays and being with family. Many will feel this loneliness that many of us felt when we first came into this incarnation that’s tied into childhood experiences, but what is really happening is we are going to the original source of that very feeling of being alone.

This time period serves us in that we will be able to peel off those layers or bring up our limiting beliefs, our fears, and our stuck and stored emotions – they are all going to come up, and if we approach these feelings with all of our tools and our connection to source, we will not be able to discern all of which needs to be cleared and loved. All the little nuanced energies that no longer serve us or humanity.

Sornia shares that by going through this experience, we are birthing a new way of living for us and all of humanity.

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