In this message, Sornia shares that we are still working with the root chakra and experiencing the depths of our emotions. We are pulling up the human connections that are filtered through the root chakra but go through our entire energetic system. We are evolving with the purpose of bringing everyone together in human form, strengthening our sense of self and our sense of connection to all that it.

Sornia shares that there is a new arrival of 100 light beings from a galaxy that has yet to ever interact on the Earth plane, and they have joined us in our efforts to free humanity. These beings are from the 7th-dimensional plane, and they bring advanced knowledge that we will experience to free ourselves from our limitations. We may have experienced these benevolent beings in our sleep state already.

Sornia understands that we have been struggling with detaching from these lower vibrational emotions such as anxiety, anger, and irritability, but they remind us that these emotions go deep and they are not all ours but of the collective as well. They remind us to dedicate time to ourselves and take advantage of the alignment of the energies that are assisting us in pushing into the light what is in the darkness. We need to be gentle with ourselves but keep moving forward so we can experience the freedom we deserve by being able to process fully and deeply these limiting beliefs and emotions that have tied us to repeating patterns and reincarnating over and over again.

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