In this message, Sornia shares new aspects we will be experiencing as part of the awakening. They recommend at this time to be observant of how we feel when we hear the messages and to listen to them as many times as we feel we need to. We are training ourselves to feel the messages rather than to know the messages. As we feel the frequency of the messages, we expand and are able to receive more information to decipher our world.

This upcoming energetic experience will allow us to learn more about what it means to telepathically communicate with our thoughts and feelings that we receive that information from others. We want to get a good foothold in all of what is nonverbal on our planet because it is the gateway to the next level of our own personal development and the expansion of Mother Earth.

Another experience we will be having as we go through our different exercises in awaking is we will see how we are being influenced by the collective and we will pull ourselves away from that and be only connected to our awareness of our connection to source.

Sornia reminds us to stay the course and that we are all in this together. It is the most exciting time that planet Earth and humanity has ever experienced.

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