In this message, Sornia shares that as we are listening to these messages, they are watching the energetic exchange occurring between us and them, as well as how our energy system is responding to the messages. We are evolving the human form and integrating our entire energy system, which includes our physical and nonphysical bodies. There is an expansion that is occurring as we listen to the messages, and with each message that we resonate with that has some impact or causes a new and deeper understanding of our journey, our aura expands.

We have been experiencing time very differently, and this will continue. Coming up next, we will experience space, but it’s more than space and includes our environment and our relationship of our entire being and how we are connected to our environment in which we are experiencing our earthly lifetime. We are gaining mastery over our environment and our own physical and subtle bodies.

Sornia concludes by giving us a guided meditation for the pineal gland. This meditation is to help reinforce the cleansing of the pineal gland.

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