In this message, Sornia shares what is going on at this time with our consciousness. When we are in a meditative state, sleep, or an altered state of awareness and more removed from our five senses, our consciousness (our essence) has, for the majority, pretty much stayed in the Astral plane. Here, we meet with our guides, deceased loved ones, and pets, and it is a comfortable place to be.

What is happening now is with our expanded awareness, many are feeling confident and going out to explore beyond the Astral plane. We have pushed beyond the limitations we thought were there of the Astral Plane, and we are freeing ourselves at all levels of our existence, not just in the physical realm but in the non-physical realm. Some of us are going to start to remember our exploits in these other dimensions and the more we become aware of our true nature, the more easily we will be able to experience all of this and bring it into our conscious experience on Earth.

Understanding the spiritual realm is very important because that is our true home, and this is what we want to explore in our expanded state. This is an important experience that will have an effect on everything, and other realities are being shaped because of our influence and attention to these experiences.

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