In this message, Sornia shares many of their insights and observations. We are definitely shedding the old vibrations of who we are and acknowledging and enhancing the expression of the vibration of our essence over the vibration of our human self.

Many of us are going beyond the Astral Plane because we are understanding our true nature. We understand that we are infinite and eternal beings, and we make a choice to go through difficulties because it gives us greater compassion and insight. We are choosing higher vibrational choices and we are doing so in a conscious state, freeing ourselves from the chains that keep us entrapped. We are farther along than we ever realized.

We are maneuvering and mastering ourselves in this maze of life, and we are doing it with greater joy and in a more playful way. Sornia shares that this will be a year of many exciting adventures for many of us in our spiritual journey.

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