In this message, Sornia shares that our communication with them has deepened, and we are now more connected with the spirit realm than we are with the third-dimensional earth realm. We have turned a corner to greater awareness of our I AM presence, and this will be increasing. Because of this, many are accessing information quite rapidly and throughout the day. We have raised our self-talk to a higher vibration, being more positive, loving, and compassionate, and this is what has allowed us to understand and sense our true “I AM” consciousness.

We have some very important planetary events coming up, and this will bring about some interesting shakeups. Each time there are planetary eclipses, they bring about another step forward. Sornia recommends that we spend time daily interacting with the sun’s energy. We are conduits for the sun’s energy or the I AM consciousness, and it is important that we are aware in a conscious way of what that exchange is all about.

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