Sornia is a highly evolved light being that is the spokesperson for a grouping of souls that are part of the Galactic Federation. They have come forth to offer messages of guidance to assist humanity in their earthly journey towards enlightenment.

In this video, Sornia explains the origin of this grouping of souls, the importance of bringing in the divine feminine energies, and the balancing of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies through this time of ascension.

As we go through this human experience on earth, many times we look to spirit as the ones telling us what to do, but our relationship with spirit with this grouping called (Sornia) is a symbiotic relationship. When we experience our lives from our various perspectives and are looking for guidance, our thoughts and feelings are transmitted to them through vibration and color. They receive this and give it back to us in advanced wisdom. Mother Earth is also going through her evolution. All life on this planet is on their own unique journey of evolution. This grouping (Sornia) loves us unconditionally and are here always to assist each of us.

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