In this video, Sornia discusses the subtle energy points. There are four subtle energy points: two that are just outside of your physical body, but within your auric field. The other two are within your physical body, but still part of your auric field. The earth subtle point- some call it the “earth star” is an energy point below your feet that is your personal connection to the energies of Mother Earth. This is your connecting point that helps you to stay clear, grounded, and focused on your earthly existence. The next energy point is known as the Dantian and it is located near the navel on your physical body. This is where healing energies and energies from Mother Earth come in for balancing. The next point is the thymus point, near the heart chakra. Some will call it the heart point, the heart star. This is the point where you bring in and radiate out the Christ Consciousness. The last subtle energy point is above your head and this is your connection, your own personal connection to the Divine, Oneness, Creator, God; however you see and sense that Divine intelligence that is part of you and you are part of it.