During this time of fear in the world with the onset on the Coronavirus, Sornia shares an uplifting message on rising about fear. What is fear? Fear is not truth. It is an energy and emotion that is part of the human condition. When we are in the energy of fear it creates more fear. How do we rise above the emotion of fear? We can choose to know the truth of who we really are. We are eternal beings connected to Source. We are sparks of the Divine. It is so important at this time to understand that divinity within ourselves and that divinity has no fear.That divinity that we are is only love, compassion, and goodness.

As you settle into the divinity of who you are and find that peace within yourself, you will no longer be afraid.You are love and love is stronger than anything. Now is your opportunity to step forward into the light and shine your light into this darkness of fear.