In this message, Sornia explains aspects of our current circumstances with the virus and how it is understood within the context of the ascension process. Prior to our incarnations on earth, we resided in a 5th and 6th dimensional reality. Many thousands of thousands of years ago, earth became entrapped in the matrix and those of us hearing these messages chose to stay in the incarnation cycle of earth to be the guardians of humanity. We have been waiting for an opportunity to ascend back to our home in the 5th and 6th dimensional reality. As part of the ascension process, we are bringing together our past lives or timelines and integrating them into our soul’s understanding. This has been going on for the past 30-40 years.

The feelings of entrapment we are currently feeling with the global coronavirus is producing an almost identical emotional energy field of entrapment we experienced many thousands of years ago when earth first became entrapped. This current experience is giving us the opportunity – if we so choose – to transcend it and collapse this major timeline of entrapment and victimization, and allow those who choose, to continue on the ascension path. Lightworkers are shedding light into the darkness and holding the energy for all to step into the light and feel the divine love that is there for them. As the stargates and portals continue to open, the ascension process continues, and we can return to the higher dimensional existences from where we came. This is a very important time for the potential for change, growth, and the raising of the consciousness of the entire planet.