In this video, Sornia discusses energy and how everything is energy. Every thought, every feeling, everything we experience, our perspective, our belief systems, our physical body, our soul – all is energy and energy has a vibration and it has a resonance. In the physical form, we are always using our thoughts and feelings to create our experiences along with our belief structure. A good portion of our belief systems is something that is in the subconscious mind but is still active.

In understanding creation and manifestation, we must be able to understand who we are as eternal beings in the physical form. To create requires us to understand what it is we desire and through listening to our thoughts and feelings we will begin making choices that change the direction of our journey giving us many different experiences. We have incarnated at this time on earth to truly understand creation and manifestation in the physical form and to know that we are unlimited beings. By expanding our own consciousness we are able to see, sense, feel, and know that place of the 5th and 6th dimensional reality that we call Home.