In this message, Sornia discusses how we (humanity) are creating our reality on earth through our perspective. Our perspective is influenced by a variety of factors that include our subconscious beliefs, our conscious beliefs, the collective consciousness, society’s beliefs, our own indoctrination, our upbringing, our environment. All of these factors influence how we view the world in which we live. When we look at truth, everything can be of truth. How is this possible? As creative beings we set forth on a journey of many incarnations in many realms and in many dimensions to continue to grow and expand.

When looking for the truth of a situation or relationship, take the time to reflect. Examine the feeling and ask “What does this mean for me?” And in that moment – living in the now – is the place where truth resides for you in that moment. Our truth is nuanced by our perspective. It’s in the balance of the divine energy that is pure essence of you and all of the energies of your personality, of your environment, of your belief structure, of your perspective, of your emotional base – all of this comes together in a relationship to create your reality.