In this message, Sornia discusses the origins of the multidimensional self and how many are experiencing their multidimensional self at this time in the ascension process. We are all connected to Source, but as everything is in constant evolution, earth was designed as a place for souls to grow and expand. Coming into earthly existence we go through the valley of forgetfulness and we do not remember our connection to source, to the truth of who we really are. As we incarnate on earth, we have on average of 12 parallel existences going on simultaneously. During dream time, many are having conscious awareness of these other existences and this is part of the ascension process. This is part of understanding YOU, all of YOU. As we reach full ascension, the various selves that are out there are brought into a harmonious whole. As we each move through the ascension process in our own unique way, we will deepen our understanding of the truth of all of this, what we call in reality, is an illusion created by each of us on our planet.

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