In this video, Sornia continues her discussion on the ascension process and the energy of entrapment and limiting beliefs that we (humanity) are looking to transcend during this current situation of the pandemic. Sornia provides background information on how the matrix was set in place many thousands of years ago masculine beings that came to inhabit earth. These beings brought about a type of control over Mother Earth and humanity. Mother Earth began to fracture off into other dimensions and humanity forgot that they were divine beings and began to believe in limitation and limiting beliefs while being in human form. This time we are in now with this pandemic is giving every human being on the planet the opportunity to break through the limiting belief system that was instilled in us (humanity), 20 some thousand years ago – a belief of needing an outside force for survival and feeling victimized by our circumstances. Humanity is looking to transcend this limiting energy and in doing so, raise the consciousness of the planet, giving those who so chose, the opportunity to expand and move into the 5th and 6th-dimensional reality. Sornia reminds us that this is our time that we have been in preparation for, for a very long time and it looks quite good from their perspective in spirit.