In this video, Sornia shares that we are currently in a cycle of the alignment of the planets and the eclipses that is compact, but not sweet. Many have been feeling lots of “old stuff” from the past coming up in their lives that they thought had been understood and transmuted. Sornia tells us that many that are hearing these messages have been feeling this way, but these emotions are not our emotions. It is the energetic frequency and vibration of those emotions that are present on the planet and in much of humanity that have not been understood and transmuted. Lack, loss, and miscommunication are some of the big emotions many are feeling along with feeling alone and isolated.

Those listening to these messages have done the work with their own emotional body and know who they are as eternal beings. Because of this, many have volunteered to help feel and transmute these energies that are embedded in the emotional body of Mother Earth and much of humanity. Mother Earth needs our assistance so She can move into the higher vibration that She is destined to move into. We have an ongoing relationship with Mother Earth, she heals us and we heal her.

Sornia shares that we will hear a lot of takes on this cycle, but for those that hear this message, this is our role. This is how we are supporting this current movement into this higher vibration that Gaia is in the process of doing.

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