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Evolution of the Physical Form

In this message from Sornia, they share with us that we have moved into the next stage of evolution and that is transmuting the limitations of the human form. Sornia discusses how many have taken on the limiting beliefs about the human form…Read More


Major Energetic Barrier Transmuted

In this message from Sornia, they share that those individuals who have dedicated themselves to evolving their own consciousness and raising their own vibration and those who have been assisting others to awaken, have gone through a major energetic barrier. Through courage and…Read More


Spiritual “Pep Talk”

In this message, Sornia gives a spiritual “Pep Talk” sharing encouragement and support for all of us on Earth at this time. Those in Spirit are supporting us on this journey, as it is such a very important time in Earth reality. By…Read More


The Emotional Body and Your Ascension

In this message, Sornia discusses this important phase of the ascension process we are in. Our attention on the emotional body is the focus right now and all the unresolved emotions that are yet to be understood in a conscious way are coming…Read More

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