In this message, Sornia shares that we have been traveling beyond the astral plane and having different experiences. One group is going back to major timelines of their experience that they have already mastered the information that was needed from those incarnations. They are going back as objective observers, reviewing these timelines to see where the other “characters” may be getting stuck or still wandering in the timelines. The purpose is to gain a greater understanding to help others in this current reality, to be better able to read people to assist them.

The other group is venturing out very far to the endpoint of their universe. This group is seeking to know these other worlds in order to bring back that knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of mankind.

Sornia shares that everything is evolving rapidly. We are experiencing time differently. Time is changing, and this is due to our perception of it. We are altering the experience of time through our observations, our own ponderings, and our language. We are altering how we experience time because it will align with the next doorway to our evolution and where we are going. There may be a major shift coming up that we will feel, and it will be lining up with that of the 5th-dimensional reality.

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